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Commercial Update | August 2021

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Polis Extends Colorado’s Eviction Protections Ahead of Federal Moratorium Ending

The executive order ensures tenants who apply for rental assistance can’t be evicted for at least 30 days after July 31. Our commercial advisor, Kayla Mahoney, provided the following bullet points to help summarize the main points of the article:
  • Colorado Gov. Jared Polis extended state protections to ensure that tenants applying for rental assistance cannot be evicted for at least 30 days after the moratorium ends on Saturday.
  • Under an executive order that takes effect on August 1, landlords must inform tenants of 30 days of notice before evicting them for not paying rent.
  • Tenants can stop the eviction by showing that they are waiting for money from a rental assistance fund within 30 days.
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Source: The Denver Post


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