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Commercial Update | April 2021

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Denver Industrial Could Fare Better Than Other Sectors, Experts Say

Denver’s industrial real estate may not be the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic slowdown, according to Our commercial advisor, Jessica Smith, provided the following bullet points to help summarize the main points of the article:
  • The long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic could continue to boost industrial real estate as e-commerce booms with a surge in needs from everyone on the supply chain, from third-party logistics providers to manufacturers and tenants.
  • Online transaction volumes in most retail sectors have seen a 74% rise in March compared to the same period in 2019.
  • Companies may turn from supply chains that rely on China toward other parts of Asia, Mexico and the U.S. This diversification will drive demand on the East Coast and inland port locations
  • Inventory controls stem from the sudden shock of panic-buying and consumers stocking up on goods could have vendors keeping larger quantities of goods in stock for retailers. This larger stock will drive demand for warehouse space.
  • The adaptability of industrial real estate has helped some businesses overcome short-term supply chain disruptions and manufacture goods that are immediately needed.
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Source: BisNow


801 W Bayaud Avenue
Denver, CO

Offered at $4,000,000

801 & 811 W Bayaud Avenue is a 29,000 SF multi-address space that sits on over half of an acre.

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