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Finding New Spaces to Grow

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Finding New Spaces to Grow

by Shelli Mango, Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Commercial Real Estate can be an exciting endeavor for a buyer, a seller, a landlord or a new tenant. Most often it means a new opportunity, your business portfolio is growing, and the future has new and exciting growth ahead!

As a commercial real estate broker, I find it very rewarding to help people find that new space, that new building, that new business.

I have had the opportunity to help a small IT company move from a small office to a retail space and watch their business grow.

“Moving into our new retail space in December 2020 has had a positive impact on our businesses growth. We went from an office to retail space which provided the room we needed but more importantly has given us incredible visibility. We have seen a great increase in walk in traffic.”
Clare Huspeni, Chief Nerd, Certified Woman Owned Small Business at NerdsToGo.

I have helped a business that was thriving and leasing for years, buy a building and create business equity while expanding their distribution in the space and having a tenant pay them rent!

“Shelli is amazing. She went over and beyond for me and found the perfect commercial building for my business. Since purchasing this building, not only has our business expanded with new revenue growth, but we now have equity. We actually pay 30% less per month than we did when we rented a smaller space because we have a tenant that pays rent and we got a very good interest rate on our commercial loan.”
– Kim Fletcher, Owner, DaVinci Teeth Whitening System

I have been blessed to have helped a remodeling company working out of their home, find a new retail space in a busy shopping center and see their business thrive!

“We were looking for an office space with Shelli and we ended up finding a retail space that was in the perfect location for our business and we were able to move our showroom out of our home. Shelli was instrumental in working out all of the details and making our dream become a reality.”
Gina & James Fogle, Owners, Mountain West Remodeling Center

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At Madison Commercial, we take pride in providing outstanding customer service and we all find it very rewarding to help other’s grow their businesses in the Commercial Real Estate sector!  Contact any of our expert team members at Madison Commercial Properties and we can help you or someone else you know grow their business!