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The Power of Teamwork

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The Power of Teamwork

In a world filled with competition, it is so refreshing when commercial brokers can not only team up with a fellow broker in their firm on deals, but also work with brokers on the other side of a transaction and treat each other with kindness and collaboration while demonstrating respectful communication.

Madison Commercial Properties encourages brokers to work together and we, Jessica Smith and Shelli Mango, have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on many sales and lease transactions on behalf of clients together.  Each person brings attributes and strengths to the table that help move the deal along. In our busy lives, we are constantly multi-tasking and having a teammate that can be available for a call, or to respond to an email when the other is in a meeting or showing, can truly benefit the client by easing the process.

Within our team, we have built a culture of collaboration and support. We have a diverse pool of talents, skills, and experiences, which can be leveraged to achieve outstanding client satisfaction and streamline our processes. By capitalizing on the expertise of each team member, we not only provide excellent service to our clients, but also enhance our own professional growth.

Collaborating with brokers from other firms opens new avenues for knowledge exchange, networking, and business expansion. Working cohesively with external partners can bring a fresh perspective, access to new market insights, and potentially tap into new client bases. These types of relationships contribute to our overall success and growth within the commercial real estate industry.

The beauty of working with other brokers within your own company, or in other companies, is that everyone involved feels like the process runs smoother when there is an open line of communication.  Tricky deals can be ironed out, shared past experiences can bring insight, understanding of backgrounds and business plans – these all lead toward a successful solution for the client.

As much as we seek support from others, we must also be ready and eager to extend our assistance whenever possible. By offering help and sharing resources, we can establish a two-way street, which leads to getting more accomplished for our clients while creating stronger relationships!

By fostering strong partnerships and promoting seamless communication, we can unlock new opportunities and achieve greater results together.  It is about collaboration, not competition, which in the end, is the best support for our clients.

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Jessica Smith

Sr. Commercial Real Estate Advisor

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Shelli Mango

Commercial Real Estate Advisor

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