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Madison Commercial Update | July 22′

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Commercial Real Estate Mid-Year 2022: The Big Slowdown

If there is one article you need to read about CRE, written by a team with an understanding of the headwinds CRE faces, it’s this article. Interest rates are on every investor’s mind with the increase of the CPI to 9.1% this last month. The author clearly discusses how inflation and interest rates will affect the CRE markets but also discusses that it’s not all doom and gloom, evidenced by this quote: “Despite the economic volatility, most properties continue to outperform expectations. The fundamentals of real estate remain strong, creating somewhat of a disconnect between the property markets and the capital markets.”
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Meet Brian Chimileski

Commercial Real Estate Advisor

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Asset class specific challenges and opportunities are addressed in a very clear way. In addition, he discusses job growth and how it is a huge contributing factor to the overall CRE performance. The reader will also find the author’s analysis on capital flows and valuations to be particularly interesting and insightful.
This is a well written article that will appeal to novice and sophisticated CRE investors alike. Please take the 15 minutes to read it and call me if you have any questions or want to discuss opportunities for you.
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Ramada Inn & Suites

16921 E. 32nd Ave. Aurora, CO 80011

List Price: $9,500,000

Wyndham franchise hotel located in the Denver International Airport hotel market. The property was converted from Red Lion to Ramada Inn in July 2021 at an investor cost of $850,000. The hotel includes new case goods, carpeting, bathroom remodeling. Indoor pool, exercise room, meeting room, and business center.

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