Shawna Soffa

Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Shawna Soffa brings over a decade experience in the non-profit sector to the table. With a passion for community development and a proven track record of success, Shawna offers a unique perspective and skill set to clients seeking commercial real estate solutions.
Prior to transitioning into the real estate realm, Shawna dedicated over ten years to serving non-profit organizations, particularly focusing on refurbishing technology for schools and other non-profits. This experience not only honed Shawna’s project management and negotiation skills but also instilled a deep understanding of the importance of maximizing resources.
Shawna spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at bridging the digital divide and empowering underserved communities through access to technology. She collaborated closely with stakeholders, including educators, administrators and technology providers to identify needs, secure resources and implement innovative solutions. Through her efforts, countless schools and non-profit organizations were equipped with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in the digital age.
Now as a commercial real estate agent, Shawna seamlessly blends her background in non-profit work with her expertise in real estate to provide clients with unparalleled¬†service and support. Whether it’s finding the perfect space for a community center, negotiating lease agreements for educational facilities, or assisting non-profit organizations in acquiring properties, Shawna is committed to helping clients achieve their goal while making a positive impact on the community.