Leigh Brown

Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Leigh’s career path began at Colorado State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences while simultaneously attending cosmetology school at night for a license in hairstyling. Once established as an independent hair stylist, she made the decision to go to graduate school at the University of Denver where she earned a master’s degree in Strategic Innovation and Change. Furthering her education allowed her to develop professionally as well as help others understand how to grow their businesses, which led her to open her own salon. When she first leased space for her salon she had no idea there were professionals out there to help and realized how much she enjoyed the process of finding, negotiating, and creating space for her business. Upon meeting and chatting with her incredible would-be mentor, she discovered that she could turn that passion towards helping others do the same. Leigh believes that you can monetize anything you’re passionate about, not the other way around. She is so grateful to have the opportunity at Madison Commercial Properties to be an advocate for others in businesses they’re passionate about as well.