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We took the brand we had and gave it a facelift, using a new color palette that aligns more closely with Madison & Company.


A new direction for marketing collateral both in the print and digital spaces in a suite of products that drive brand recognition.


Breaking out of old habits sometimes requires a little bit of dynamite. That's what we did to help push our brand forward.

Old Palette

This is what our old palette looked like. If you’re familiar at all with color theory, you’ll know that orange is associated with excitement, energy, etc. That all sounds good in theory, we want people to be excited about what we do. But orange also has a tendency to push people toward feeling cautionary or like there is some danger associated.

Burnt Orange


Dark Grey


Medium Grey


New Palette

With this new palette, we took Madison & Company’s main blue and built a deeper brand palette, with hints of gold to accent as a means of remaining lateral to the current branding. This new blue and gold palette speaks to professionalism, quality, elegance and service.

Oxford Blue


Madison Blue


Vegas Gold


Dark Grey


Medium Grey