Max Scholl

Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Max Scholl has been active in real estate since 2005, both as a licensed sales agent specializing in retail and industrial properties, as well as property management and gas station/convenience store management and operations. Originally licensed in Florida, Mr. Scholl sought out and acquired distressed gas stations to re-image and improve operationally.

After 5 years of consulting and selling these retail specialty properties, he trained and acquired a Florida title insurance agent’s license and worked as senior real estate paralegal for Harvey Scholl, P.A., a Florida transaction law firm. Mr. Scholl moved to Colorado in the spring of 2014, obtained a Colorado real estate sales license, and has been selling cannabis properties and businesses.

He formed Renaissance Elixirs, LLC, an industrial hemp consulting and research company that focused in compliance and sourcing of base cannabidiol (“CBD”) product for manufacturers in Colorado. With a broad background in management, consulting and compliance, Max formed Ultradiol, LLC to manufacture, sell, and distribute medical grade hemp products.

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